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Flame Carrier- Wisper of the flame. The beginning of a new look and feel for the flame carrier.
Unused concept art that was ment to be an ad for an apple cider brand.
Wendigo Mother. The mother of all nightmares and horror.
Imperfect emotion. When the hard deepens in hallow and the mind crumbles in emptiness.
Shine from Dusk. This picture resignates the beauty of darkness.
Neo Olympus. A practice of city landscape and trubute to the great french illustrator Jean Moebius.
Second unused concept art for the apple cider brand.
Third unused concept art for the apple cider brand.
Design inspired by black metal album covers and classic silent horror movies.
Ancient Oak. Second omage to Jean Moebius.
Croc & Roach. First ever design of the rebellous trouble making duo.
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